Before you order

There are certain things you need to consider before buying your garden building, below are the most important points that will be discussed with you when you express an interest in our Garden Rooms.

The correct location for your building

Can you leave sufficient space from boundary fences, walls and hedges ?……The minimum required for Timber and Cedar clad buildings is 12” ideally 18”. Composite clad buildings the minimum distance is 24” this is non-negotiable due to the way Composite buildings are constructed .

A suitable base

Prior to installation of your new Garden Room it is essential that you provide a suitable base for your building. The key words for base construction is Flat, Firm, Level and Square and the base must be of an adequate size for building ordered. Suitable base types would be Concrete Slab, Timber Frame, Paving Slabs etc. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that a suitable base is provided. We do have a list of approved sub-contractors who can undertake appropriate base work on your behalf. If you choose to use your own sub-contractors please ask them to talk to us prior to undertaken the works. If the base is deemed ‘unsuitable’ the Manufacturers Installers will not install the building – there is a penalty clause within the manufacturers Terms and Conditions of Sale covering this point


Are there any issues with access to your site ? Height restrictions and no direct access are the two most common problems encountered. A clear carry with a minimum of 8′ height clearance is required, 90 degree turns in narrow alleys will also prove problematic. For obvious reasons we can not go over single storey extensions, fences, hedges or walls. If access is a problem panels can be split at the point of manufacture (cost involved). Any Photos, Videos or Site Plans to demonstrate problems are much appreciated.


Electrics are not included in the package, it is the customers responsibility to arrange for a qualified electrician to fit the electrics of their choice, the electrician must be on site by a prescribe time to undertake his ‘First Fix’. We can recommend a local electrician who can operate within a certain radius of our offices on your behalf.

Site Visits

If you are unsure of location, suitability of site or have any doubts about access we are more than happy to undertake site visits, such visits are at our discretion depending on distance from our offices and may possibly incur a fee.