At Your Space, we believe in open and honest pricing.

If you’re just looking for an idea of how much a garden room might cost, we have example pricing for each type of garden building on the relevant page (The Dalbury, The Huntington, The Walton, The Dukesbury, The Kingsley).

If you’d rather calculate an exact price for your chosen specification, you can download a price list and then follow the guide below.

Step-by-step guide to pricing


Start by finding the base price for your chosen style, size and cladding type (painted wood, cedar or composite where applicable).


From the same row on the price list, add any options such as floor insulation and guttering.


Add the cost of doors and windows, found at the back of the price list. (This step can get a little confusing. If you’re stuck, just give us a call.)


Add any other extras such as roof lights, partitions, frosted glass, etc.

Extra steps for Dalbury Canopy and L-shaped

Canopy prices for the Dalbury are listed at the end of the Dalbury pricing section. Costs are per 2ft length, so for a 20′ x 10′ garden room (Timber Clad) including a 10′ canopy, you would start with the cost of a 10′ x 10′ Dalbury (£6,300.00) and then add 5 x the cost of a painted canopy (5 x £535.00 = £2,675.00) using the 10′ gable row of the price list. Total Building Price (excluding Glazing and Optional Extras) £8,975.00

To price an L-shaped building, simply break the L into two rectangular buildings and add the cost together. A helpful diagram explaining how to do this can be found in the price list just before the door and window section.

A worked example

Dalbury 12 x 10 in Light Grey Composite

12 x 10 Dalbury in composite£10,110
5′ double door uPVC£1,365
2 x T15 casement window uPVC£500
1 x T15LEA casement window with top opener uPVC£430